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New album "Snowmelt"

Marius Neset: Snowmelt

The album „Snowmelt“ is Marius Neset's most ambitious, cherished and personal project to date. In these concentrated works, Neset has sought out chaos and dissonance, he has also been drawn to lyricism and tenderness, and then worked at finding a balance between the extremes, using compositional methods which subliminally bring out the continuities between them. Neset says of this work that he aspires to is to “find the point when everything makes sense.” For the listener, the search for that point will bring its own rewards.

„Gripping orchestral score with jazz core” - The Guardian, GB

„Bravura phonics, spectacular leaps into the upper register and heart-wrenching lyricism, amplified here with the full weight of the London Sinfonietta". 5-Stars - Financial Times (GB)

„After three years and 239 pages of detailed and inventive orchestral score this ambitious opus is not always an easy listen bit it is, ultimately, a rewarding one.” - London Evening Standard, GB

„Listen closely to the tonal balance... the orchestral weave... the rhythmic fire... the folksung inflection... the tear-inducing beauty... and, at that moment, there’s nothing creatively or heartwarmingly finer.” - AP Reviews, GB

"Faszinierende neue Musik im Grenzbereich von Jazz und moderner Klassik” - SPIEGEL Online

„Sensationelles von Neset!” 6-Sterne - Bergens Tidende, NO

„Enorme Ambitionen entwickelt Marius Neset auf diesem Album […] und gestaltet diesen Hybrid aus Jazz und Klassik auf mitreißende Art und Weise.” - Jazzthing

„Marius Neset wagt sich in den Bereich der zeitgenössischen Kammermusik. […] Das Orchester wird dabei vollwertiger Partner der Band.“ 4-Sterne - Rondo

„Neset verbindet schlüssig Improvisation mit Auskomponiertem.” - Jazzpodium

„Ein furioser Dialog zwischen Jazzquartett und Kammerorchester.” - Jazzthetik